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Friday, August 21, 2009

The 2007 controversy occurred when Senna was featured in American Vogue. Fashion critics really had harsh words to Sienna's "toothy" appearance and "unruly hair".

I just don't understand how fashion critics did protest to Sienna's natural smiles and laughs. Did they only want a robot's smirk? So why the heck the called Sienna for the photo session? To stand up clumsily like a local model? Gosh...

But this is my smart Sienna who knows how to deal with the toothy things. By simply closing her lips and showing a little smile! You did the thing right, Miss Miller! But I guess the critics will never stop there. They will make tomorrows' headline of a cleft required to find out what's behind the closed lips. Huff....


Source: indianexpress

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